WPS Food Truck

A special delivery arrived at the WPS Admin building Wednesday morning. The new WPS Food Truck is our district's newest addition to help meet the nutritional needs of our students.

Superintendent Randy Harris is excited about the opportunities that this truck creates for our community. "Last year, we learned how difficult it is to deliver hot meals to some of our communities, like Toppers or Rocky Point areas. We've worked with Chartwell's, and with the remaining funds leftover in our child nutrition program, we were able to purchase this vehicle. It will be an immediate relief at our high school while construction continues in the WHS cafeteria, but we see a lot of long-term possibilities like summer meal programs, fundraising, or being able to provide meals at remote events."

The food truck is also a good reminder that the forms our district completes each year, including the free and reduced lunch form, are important so Wagoner can apply for grants and additional funding to provide the best educational experience for our students. "Without those lunch forms, we wouldn't have qualified for the extra funding which provided this."

The Food Truck delivered its first meal to the WHS Top 10% student lunch that was hosted at the administration building.