WMS State Testing Info


The preliminary results of state testing have been released.  Frankly, they are as bad as I predicted.  Nevertheless, WMS will continue to be forthright with your student's information as we provide you login directions to access your student's results.  If you or your student cannot remember the testing ID, email tsloan@wagonerps.org or darmstrong@wagonerps.org

p.s. Please keep in mind,  students only had a total of 48 days of in person learning since March 13, 2020 before we began testing.  As we stated before, we appreciate district leadership for finding the limited amount of time we were on campus.  We stumbled through virtual learning, but made it work.  One thing is crystal clear, for the vast majority of students, on campus learning with a live teacher was, is, and will continue to be the best option.