Wagoner Public Schools Update 8-6-20

Wagoner Public Schools Update 8-6-20

A/B Schedule

We will be on an A/B schedule for the first 9 weeks of the 2020-2021 school year.  This means that about half of our students will attend in person instruction A-Tuesday and Wednesday and B-Thursday and Friday.  On the days the students aren’t scheduled to attend they will be working from home on assignments, activities, and potentially some live instruction if the technology allows.  The reason we are adopting this is because according to the Oklahoma School Safety Protocols we are in an Orange Level 1 county.  In this level districts are strongly recommended to transition to alternative schedules or distance learning.  We feel this at least gives us an opportunity to get the students back in the building some compared to none at all.  However, if we move to an Orange Level 2 for two consecutive weeks, we would transition to distance learning from home.  Our schools should be contacting you by the end of next week, August 14th to let you know which days your child has been assigned.  We understand there are multiple family members attending different schools for some families.  We want to make sure that those students have the same days assigned so please let your building administration know how they can help make this happen. 

Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures will be available Tuesday-Friday for any students who want to attend on their home days for grades PK-5.

Online Instruction at Home

Students still have the option of Online Instruction at Home which will be enrolling in Edmentum (or other online learning management system).  We are asking that these students please contact your school administration and fill out the form we have for Online Instruction at Home by August 14th.  This decision will be for the complete Fall semester 2020.  We are allowing a two-week grace period at the beginning of the school year if a family wants to switch to the A/B schedule.


We will have more information on child nutrition as we get closer to school starting.  Meal pick-ups will be available for families on their days they are assigned to be at home as well as for the students who chose Online Instruction at Home.  The locations and times will be given before school begins.  We are currently NOT an all free/reduced district anymore.  It is very important that everybody turns in their free/reduced lunch form in your enrollment packet.  Individual families can still qualify but we are NOT an all free/reduced district.  Breakfast prices are $2 and Lunch is $3.25. 


Masks are mandatory when social distancing is not possible and strongly encouraged at all other times for everybody in our buildings.


Masks are mandatory when social distancing is not possible and strongly encouraged at all other times.