Today normally would have been our 2020 Senior Awards Assembly.  In the absence of being able to gather in person for this momentous event, we have created a written announcement of Senior Awards, Class Awards, Scholarships and Honors.  We understand that communication has been more difficult than normal during distance learning.  Colleges have also been unable to send the certificates and normal communications to our school that we would have received and distributed at the Senior Assembly.  Some certificates will be mailed directly to students by colleges and universities.  

Any scholarship oversights are completely unintentional.  If your student missed turning in a form to have a scholarship recognized, we would be happy to add them to the list before it is added to the WHS Senior Showcase each senior will receive as a keepsake.  We would love to recognize any of our senior's accomplishments and want to add them to the Class of 2020's impressive scholarship total!  This announcement is specific to honors, awards, scholarships, and class awards.  We will release Superintendent's Honor Roll and Principal's Honor next week to ensure all grades are finalized.  Many senior activities will be recognized during the Virtual Senior Showcase to be released at 6 pm on May 15th, rather than in this Scholarship Announcement.  If any scholarships or awards were missed, please email and I will be happy to add them.  

Class of 2020 you have set a new standard in scholarship achievement.  We have been honored to serve as your guidance counselors, teachers and administrators for the past four years, and we look forward to watching where the road takes you from here.      

Senior Awards

9-12 Awards