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Wagoner High School 

Virtual Scheduling/Enrollment Updates

We wanted to send an update to communicate how we are moving forward with scheduling and enrollment for next school year, given that our originally planned meetings were cancelled due to school closure.  

We are in the process of developing virtual enrollment packets that will include all of the information we normally give to students at parent/student enrollment meetings, plus a little extra info to help parents better understand how to guide your student in choosing classes and planning for their future.

We are spending this week making enrollment presentation videos that we will be able to send to students to watch with their parents so everyone still gets all of the important information we normally share with each student/parent at our grade level meetings.

Once our virtual packets and videos are completed we will send them out to students next week using their school email.  Our school counselors are currently reviewing every student transcript over the next several weeks and will be emailing each student their transcript and Credit Check so they know what classes they have completed and what classes they still need to take.  This is a time-consuming process, so please bear with us.  

We are also developing a new system for our students to enter their course requests online so we will have them in our computer system for scheduling.  This system is still under development and will be shared with students/parents later in May when it is ready for your submissions.  We will send out detailed instructions at that time on how to enter course requests. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we are creating new ways to communicate enrollment info to you all.  Hopefully during this process, we are creating some tools that will make the process smoother.  We ask you to bear with us and not to worry.  We will work with you to make sure we get everyone into the right classes.  

Thank you,

Mrs. Luna and Mrs. Grooms