fireman with snacks that class got them
In November during Fire Safety Week, the students from each class got to tour the firetruck.  Of course, every class absolutely loves this opportunity, but Mrs. Blankenship's class noticed something that no other class did... there were snacks!!!  They started asking all kinds of questions as to why they needed snacks on the firetruck and what type of snacks were needed.  As they got back to the classroom the kiddos decided they wanted to help the fireman and provide them with more snacks!  As a class, they decided to write a grant through Donors Choose to try to fund their servant's heart mission to give back to their community.  As expected, this grant was quickly funded! Once funded, they planned a party and invited the fireman to their classroom where they gave them thank you letters, ate pizza and cookie cake, and presented them with a mound of drinks and snacks for the firetrucks!  They also helped the fireman load the snacks onto the truck.  The kids had such a fun day and were so proud that they were able to help those who always take care of our community.  Way to go kiddos!  Way to be leaders and make a difference!