Callie Lancaster and Tiffany Steele

The School-Based Program is a unique partnership between local school districts and Oklahoma Human Services to better connect students and their families with community-based services and resources, as well as Oklahoma Human Services support to fill in any gaps. Oklahoma Human Services and the State Department of Education (SDE) have worked toward becoming HOPE-centered organizations. In practical terms, this means both agencies aim to make supportive connections with families to create pathways to their success. 

A School-Based Specialist (SBS) is an Oklahoma Human Services employee hired through a 50/50 contractual partnership with the local school district. They are extensions of the partnering school district and serve as a connection between school officials and Oklahoma Human Services. The SBS works at the partnering school 5 days a week helping students and their families overcome barriers to success by providing an array of preventive services, including those from Oklahoma Human Services. 

SBS help maintain a positive collaboration between school personnel and Oklahoma Human Services, and they support the needs of children and families facing obstacles that limit their child’s learning. SBS are readily accessible to all students and their families when they need help. However, Oklahoma Human Services School-Based Specialists are not Child Welfare Investigators and do not carry a comprehensive Adult and Family Services (AFS) caseload.

Wagoner Public Schools is very fortunate to have two amazing ladies working as our School Based Specialists. Tiffany Steele works at the High School and Callie Lancaster takes care of our Middle School. They are a huge asset to our students and families.