Education Foundation

Wagoner Education Foundation
P.O. Box 926, Wagoner, Oklahoma 74477-0926
Email: wefinc@gmail.com

1. Grants for Teachers

Wagoner Education Foundation, Inc. will accept grant requests from the teachers (and other certified educational personnel) within the Wagoner Public School system. Applications will be accepted annually between April 1st and June 1st and will be available on the WPS website. If you need further assistance, feel free to email WEFI at wefinc@gmail.com

Grants are intended to provide instructional materials, equipment and supplies for use in the classroom as well as field trips.

Currently, grants of $600 or less will be awarded.

All necessary documents can be downloaded from the lefthand column.

2. Grant Application Processing

The committee that will be reviewing the applications will consist of members of the community with a particular interest in education and the mission of the Foundation. Before the work of evaluating the applications, each committee member signs a Conflict of Interest document, agreeing not to voteon an application if there is something within that application that suggests to them the writer of the application. When WEFI receives a grant applicat ion, the Grant Cover Sheet with the identifying information will be removed by a person not part of the Review Committee. This person will assign a Grant Proposal number to each page of the Grant Application, and record the date the Grant Application was received. This same person will also keep a record of all Grant Applications received, the date they were received, and the applicant's name and school. This information will NOT be made available to the Grant Review Committee members or any other person within or outside the WEFI organization.

3. Review of Grant Applications

WEFI's Grant Review Committee will review the grants thus submitted, and recommend to WEFI's Board of directors which grants to accept and fund.

The Grant Review Committee will meet as many times as required to review the Grant Applications. At the end of the review process, the Grant Review Committee will recommend to WEFI's Board of Directors which grants they recommend funding, based on the guidelines they receive from the Board.

4. Funded Grants

WEFI's Board of Directors will make the final decision as to which grants to fund. At the Teacher's Orientation in August, the Board of Directors will issue an award certificate to those whose applications were approved for.

The teacher (or other certified educational personnel) receiving a grant will also be expected to complete the Terms of Grant document and return it to WEFI on or before September 1st.

5. Property of Wagoner Public Schools

All equipment, instructional materials, and supplies purchased with grant funds will become the property of Wagoner Public Schools when received from the vendor. Receipt of those materials should be reported to the site administrator so they can be placed on the school insurance policy.

6. Grant Evaluation Summary

Each grant recipient is expected to complete the Grant Evaluation summary at the completion of their project. The Grant Evaluation summary must be completed and returned to WEFI in a timely manner based on completion of the project.

7. Grant Expense Report

Each grant recipient is expected to complete the Grant Expense Report at the completion of their project. The Grant Expense Report must be completed and returned to WEFI in a timely manner.

8. Reporting

Forms listed above (Terms of Grant, Grand Evaluation Summary, and Grant Expense Report) may be submitted to WEFI through the WPS Interschool mail system by sending the report to Wagoner Education Foundation at the Central Administration Building. Or by mailing them to P.O. Box 926, Wagoner, Oklahoma 74477-0926.