Graduation Information and Instructions

WHS Class of 2020 Graduation

Due to the chance of rain the WHS Graduation Ceremony for May 16, 2020, will be held at the Wagoner High School Performing Arts Center.  We feel that we have created a notable way to celebrate our graduates while still following CDC guidelines. 

Graduates will be divided into four groups in order to follow CDC guidelines and to value each family’s time.  We are going to begin our celebration with a cruise through town guided by a police escort. 

Graduation Cruise

The Graduation Cruise Route will have 4 separate groups with designated times for each group to meet and to start their cruise route toward the PAC for graduation.  These groups have been broken down by alphabetical order of last names.  Graduates and their families are limited to 2 cars each, and up to 10 total people (including the graduate).  Graduate cars will gather at Orscheln’s parking lot according to the schedule below.  A map has been provided for the Graduation Cruise Route leading to the PAC. 

The schedule for each group’s meet times and start times is listed below:

1st Group:  A-D (Adair to Dumond)               Meet time: 9:30am      Leave time: 9:45am

2nd Group:  E-J (Edwards-Jones)                    Meet time: 11:30am    Leave time: 11:45am

3rd Group:  K-P (Koons-Priegel)                     Meet time: 1:30pm      Leave time: 1:45pm

4th Group:  Q-Z (Ramsey-Zalmanzig)             Meet time: 3:30pm      Leave time: 3:45pm

**We encourage you to invite friends and family to line the streets of the Graduation Cruise Route during your cruise time to support the Class of 2020.  Honking and celebrating are encouraged! 

**It is not mandatory to participate.  However, if you do participate, please attend at your given time and follow the route instructions.  Cars will not be lined up in any specific order once your group meets.  If you are late, please lineup at the end of the line.  


Graduation Ceremony

Following the maps provided for the Graduation Cruise to the Performing Arts Center, you will be directed along the procession line to the front.  Each graduate’s family will enter through the left doors of the PAC where they will be directed one family at a time to the stage for graduation.  Once on stage, the graduate’s name will be announced, they will pick up their diploma cover (you will receive the diploma in your senior packet) and proceed to the middle of the stage where they will stop and turn their tassel from the right to the left. Families will be allowed to stand in front of the stage to take pictures.  The ceremony will be broadcast on livestream at for all family and friends unable to attend.  The graduate will then exit to the right side of the stage and exit the PAC with their family.  

Dress Code

Graduation is a formal event and we encourage you to wear nice clothes. 

For males, we typically ask you to wear slacks/khakis with a dress shirt and nice/clean shoes.  A tie is nice but optional.   


For females, we typically encourage a nice dress, skirt and blouse, or slacks with dress shoes or sandals.  The white collar included with your cap and gown is optional.

You will receive your cap and gown, tassel, and any honors cords and stoles you have earned in your packet.  You are only allowed to wear those items approved and provided to you.  If you have questions, please email or  Please do not decorate your cap and gown in the event we are able to have a traditional graduation at a later date.

We understand that times are difficult financially for families right now and we encourage you to wear nice clothes that you have.  Please do not feel like you have to spend money on new clothes. 


  • Virtual Senior Slideshow/Showcase and all graduation speeches will be posted at 6:00 p.m on Friday May 15th. Graduation information and the Virtual Senior Showcase can be accessed through the Wagoner Public Schools Website-Graduation 2020 Link.    
  • The graduation ceremony will be livestreamed on on May 16th. If you have any questions, please email or

    Without Honors

    With Honors